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All Pakistan Soomra Association Pakistan is registered under Societies act XXI of 1860. Hameer Khan Soomro is the Chief Executive of the All Pakistan Soomra Association.

Soomra, Sumra, Soomro community is one of few ancient, educated, civilized and big communities of subcontinent. Members of this community are scattered across Pakistan and some parts of India like Kutch, Kathiawar,Gujarat and Mahrashtra in called as Soomras,Dakhans, Khatties, Rangrez, Ostas, Chakis, Esanis, Bablanis, Ghooryanis and more other split sub-castes, specially with concentration in Punjab, Sindh and all over the world.The Sumra, Soomro or Soomra (سومرو ) is the name of one of the most powerful and influential Sindhi tribes in Sindh, Pakistan. The Soomra Dynasty ruled Sindh in 1026-1351 CE a period of nearly 300 years.

After losing almost three and half centuries rule over Sindh in the 14th Century AD, they gone through extreme tyrannies and suppression by their successors, which resulted into complete disintegration of this once renowned, benign, education and culture patronizing, patriot and brave community.

Dilution of the community can be assessed from the fact that very seldom a village, town or city of Sindh could be spotted without any Soomra family but they don't have any remarkable settlement for their own identification except more than a hundred reminiscent ruined sites scattered across their habitat area.

Presently though the community is passing through renaissance, has produced great politicians, Doctor, educationists, historians, scientist, Engeneers and lawyers.

Due to Death of two main office bearers of Association i-e Late Rahim Bux Soomro (Ex-President APSA) and Late Haji Abdul Khalique Soomro (Ex-Secretary General APSA), Dr. Younis Haider Soomro (Chief Pattern) , Hameer Ahmed Soomro (President) & Haji Abdul Qadir Soomro (Secretary General) have taken task of re-organization of the association. Bodies are being re-organized at Divisional and District level through out Pakistan. For more info following shall be contacted without any hesitation.

Mr. Jan Muhammad Soomro Mr. Bashir Ahmed Soomro Mr. Latif Dino Soomro Dr. Ghous Bux Soomro





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August 12, 2012: APSA Khairpur organized Annual Programme for distribution of suits among the poor people of Soomra Community
August 12, 2012:  Mr. Hameer Khan Soomro and Dr. Younis Haider Soomro of All Pakistan Soomra Association & Sardar Abdul Karim Soomro chaired the session of APSA Khairpur Chapter. On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitar suits were distributed among the poor persons of Soomra Community
August 12, 2012:  Mr. Lateef Dino Soomro, the organizer of this event, hosted iftar dinner at his residence to the participants of APSA from all over the country,

مئي 05, 2012: پاڪستان سومرا ايسوسيئيشن جي پليٽ فارم تان هيءَ ويب سائيٽ تيار ڪئي پئي وڃي ۽ انشاءَ اللّٰه جلدي مڪمل ڪئي ويندي . سڀني دوستن عزيزن کي گذارش آهي ته  هن سلسلي ۾ سهڪار ڪئي وڃي ۽ سومرن جي تاريخ ، سومرن جي دور، سومرا اڳواڻن متعلق ڄاڻ موڪلي وڃي ته جيئن هن ويب سائيٽ کي مڪمل ڪيو وڃي.

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